Bring 'um Young 15 (2004, Anabolic) DVD9 - Luci Thai, Missy Monroe, Gia Paloma

It takes a rare and special breed of teenage slut to gain admittance to Bring'um Young! To pass the stringent admission standards isn't easy! Anabolic has commissioned John Strong to search for cum eating, Cock worshipping, pussy pounded nubile, nymphomaniacs, fresh attractive young ladies who might have what it takes to star in Anabolic Video Productions. You grade their SATs (Sexual Aptitude Tests), then please let us know which of these nubile, teenagers make the grade and may graduate with sperm slurping smiles to other movies!

There's nothing I love more than Asian pussy, and Luci Thai is still an all-time favorite of mine to the point that I need to own DVDs (or at least DVD ISOs) of every single movie she's ever done. I think I only need about ten more, though it's sometimes tricky to find out which release was the origin of her scenes since they'd constantly get repackaged for compilations and re-edited in the process. But only on the original release do you get the BTS interviews and in the case of this, the cutting room floor extras which include nearly 4 extra minutes of my then-19 year-old goddess being DP'ed which aren't included in the main scene! So here's another legendary Anabolic release with tons of DP and cum swallowing. There's also a whole lot of double pussy penetration and double simultaneous blowjobs, but personally I focus more on the girl's face and stretched holes and never worried much about the fact that two dicks are rubbing together because I always envisioned myself as having both of the dicks anyway! Hey, if you're going to have a fuck fantasy, may as well go full tilt, right? Anyway, this one's got one of my all-time favorite scenes from one of my all-time favorite girls, since she's got a shaved pussy and jet black hair. :)

This is a complete, untouched ISO image made from the retail DVD. All menus and extras are included: cumshot recap (all cumshots in this are on the face), photo gallery, and best of all 11:24 worth of bonus sex footage (2:14 of Gia getting DP'ed, 3:43 of Luci getting DP'ed, 3:42 of Jennifer getting her big-lipped pussy pounded, and 1:47 of Missy in reverse cowgirl with an occasional extra cock for her mouth). There are two audio tracks, one with music and one without.

Date of Production: 12/15/2003
Release Date: 12/03/2004
Video Resolution: 720 x 480 Aspect Ratio 4:3, NTSC, 29.97 FPS
Audio (both tracks): AC3 stereo, 192 kb/s 48.0 kHz

Review by Don Houston of XCritic

Scene One: Gia, a little hotty with a keen smile, lean body, and fresh attitude, started out by displaying some tease and her California drivers license. She's on the middle of the right side of the front DVD cover if you want a look. She took on Steve and John on a couch, first by blowing both of them. I'm not a fan of seeing two cocks in a mouth at the same time any more than I want to see a gal give a guy a rimjob (which she did) but a lot of fans like it. More important to me is the energy level of the gal and this gal smoked the screen! She moaned like she meant it, took them inside her two holes like she wanted it, and kept them from getting stale. There was gagging action, DP's, pussy to mouth (PTM), ass to mouth (ATM), and even a double anal(DAP)! In short, this might not be a gal you bring home to mother but you'd sure want to bring her home to bed. The loads of goo that went into her mouth were all swallowed as well so fans of extreme sex should be happy.

Scene Two: Kayla, a cutie that still reminds me of a younger Aurora Snow and was featured on the upper left hand side of the front DVD cover, gave some tease footage before attacking John orally. By that, I mean she inhaled his penis deeply, not that she fussed at him. They then went to boning on a couch and she was the one doing all the work, something I like to see. From cowgirl to missionary to all the other positions she tried with him, she seemed very much into the scene, a positive in any fans book (unless you're into necrophilia). She only did vaginal sex here with PTM but it was well done and energetic. It ended with a standard facial and post coital sucking by her.

Scene Three: Lena, a gal that kept to the formula by teasing and then showing government ID with her age (this time an INS work permit) was featured on the middle of the left hand side of the front DVD cover. Her partners were Steve and Michael, both capable woodsmen, and they got some gagging action going on her really early. Steve boned her from behind while she orally pleased Michael but they switched positions a lot too. They rambled endlessly, in low tones and it was a relief to hear her chime in loudly several times too. She also took anal and a DP, with a taste test for both cocks after entering her, but the DPP was really hardcore. It ended when she took both of them in her mouth, they rode her quickly, and then spewed on her face, completely coating it.

Scene Four: Jennifer, a really sweet gal, followed the formula of teasing and showing ID before demanding some cock. She's the gal on the top right side of the front DVD cover and very cute with her all natural body. She then gave a short but sweet blowjob to Steve before he used his tongue on her to warm her up. The two then had vaginal sex in a myriad of positions, with her seeming to have fun in most of them (although she looked uncomfortable a few times as well). Both had some chemistry and actively worked on each other and it ended when she tongued his balls as he jerked a big load onto her lovely face.

Scene Five: Missy, the little blonde seen on the lower left hand side of the front DVD cover, showed an ample rack that she played with for the tease portion of the scene. She kept talking about wanting cock as she masturbated and showed her Nevada driver license to prove her age. The guys came over to her on the couch and she began working on Steve and John in no time. They eventually graduated to a DPP but never did anal. Her fleshy ass looked good as they hammered it in so many positions and it all ended with a couple mouthfuls of semen that were evacuated down her throat in record time.

Scene Six: Luci, the featured gal of the front DVD cover was up last. Made to look like a catholic schoolgirl, she showed her Nevada ID (bravely showing her ID number too) before engulfing her two partners for the scene, Steve and Michael. They toyed with her bit and made her taste her own ass off their fingers as she got hammered vaginally. She then did anal and a DP with the appropriate taste test for each penis as she went along with all they had to offer. She did a DPP at the end, just before they unloaded on her face and in her mouth.

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