[Manojob] Alexia Anders - Can't Tell My Dad(31.10.21) [1080p]

Preformer: Alexia Anders



Your best friend has a really hot daughter. To make matters worse, she's constantly flirting with you. Her name is Alexia Anders, and ever since she turned 18, it's been a constant barrage of winks, tight shirts with no bra and hard nips, suggestive texts you'd had to delete...the works. And today this little minx has called you, on "e;behalf of my dad"e;, to swing by and "e;help him fix something"e;. At first you thought it was a little strange...but let's face it: your Little Head thinks way more than your Big Head does whenever you're around Alexia. Whose wouldn't!?! Sure enough, Alexia's going to seduce you. Little Head says, "e;it's just a handie, so don't worry so much!"e; But when Alexia loses control a bit with the cunt tease, you don't say a word...and yea, what a terrific cum blast that cunt tease creates! And next time? Well...next time it's "e;just a blowie"e;, which isn't sex either...right?!? Now let's just hope your friend doesn't find out!!